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HXM Series

Exhausts from areas such as cafes, bars, commercial premises, wine cellars and small workshops.The square plates and impellers are of galvanised steel sheet with an epoxy polyester paint finish.

Ring Plate Series

Suitable for a broad range of commercial and industrial exhaust applications, ie.The fan ring is of galvanised steel with an oyster grey, powder coated finish.

Ring Plate Series (Reverse Flow)

Cafes, bars, workshops, kitchen ventilation; can be ducted.Galvanised steel fan impeller and ring.

Vogue Series

Suitable for a broad range of commercial and industrial exhaust applications, ie.The fan plate is of injection-moulded ABS plastic and the impellers are of galvanised steel with a black powder coated finish.

Vogue Series (Reverse Flow)

Commercial applications such as schools, office buildings, factories, cafes, bars, workshops, and kitchen ventilation.The fan housing is manufactured from ABS plastic.

Minitube Plastic Series

Exhausting or supplying air to applications handling clean ambient air.Casings
MTP132 - aluminium fan housing with plastic spigots.

Minitube Steel Series

Exhausting or supplying air to applications handling clean ambient air.Casings
Powder coated steel.

Compact 2000 Series

Capable of exhausting or supplying air in environments containing both clean ambient air and toxic noxious gases.The square plate is manufactured from galvanised steel with an additional high quality polyester epoxy finish as standard.

Mixvent Series

Designed for the ventilation of toilets, bathrooms, ensuites, laundries and kitchens in homes, hotels, apartments and commercial buildings.The housings of models 250/100 to 800/200 are of reinforced, moulded polypropylene plastic.

ProVent Series

From warm and cool air transfer, to the ventilation of toilets, laundries, ensuites, wine-cellars and kitchens in homes, apartments, hotels and commercial premises.The housings are of reinforced, injection moulded polypropylene plastic.

Silent Series

Suited to environments that are noise sensitive such as conference/seminar rooms as well as homes, hotels, offices and libraries.Casings manufactured from reinforced, injection moulded, polypropylene plastic.

Minivent Series

General exhaust from domestic and commercial premises such as small warehouses, workshops, storerooms, bathrooms, kitchens and laundries.Cowls are of UV-stabilised injection moulded plastic.

Profile Fan Series

Exhausts and supplies air to a wide range of commercial applications such as change rooms, laundries, warehouses and workshops, gymnasiums, bulk’ goods retail outlets and assembly halls.Cowl, base and inlet spigot are made of UV-stabilised plastic, steel components have a corrosion resistant finish.

Tile Fan Series

Exhaust from small to medium size rooms from domestic bathrooms to offices, boardrooms, storage rooms pools etc.Cowls are moulded from UV stabilised plastic the bases are designed for tiled roofs.

EDM Series

Exhaust from toilets, ensuites, bathrooms, washrooms and laundries.All units have weather and impact resistant housings.

Stylvent Series

Supply or exhaust air in toilets, shower rooms, conference rooms, living rooms, restaurants, etc.Weather and impact resistant plastic housings.

HB Series

Exhausts air from residential or light commercial rooms such as laundries, bathrooms, kitchens, ensuites, wine cellars and bars.Housing is of vacuum formed plastic.

HCM Series

Exhaust from kitchens, ensuites, bathrooms, store-rooms and other small commercial installations.Weather and impact resistant plastic housings.

JetStream Fan Series - Centrifugal Fans

Exhausts from bathrooms, ensuites, toilets, laundries, kitchen hoods, and clothes dryer venting.Housing is of a robust, injection moulded engineering plastic.

Ezifit Thru Roof Exhaust Fan - Bushfire Code Compliant

Exhausts from kitchens, laundries, bathrooms, ensuites, toilets and rangehoods in homes and small commercial premises in bushfire prone areas.Cowls are of galvanised steel
Ember protection - bronze mesh with max.
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